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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Ways to wearing Check Prints

Modern, attractive and assertive, check prints are a trend that will definitely have a long-staying impact on your wardrobe, be it summer or winter season. Owing to its quirky yet formal look, you can sneak men’s check shirts under blazers and such for a business meeting or wear with rugged denims when you’re heading for a sassy siesta at the local cafe or a movie theatre. Buy men’s dress shirts online in bold shades like red, yellow or purple and wear with white pants for a daring and fashionable look on off-work days.

At work, you can veer towards a monochrome way and wear black blazers and textured trousers with pastel linen shirts. Shop for men’s checked shirts online in light hues to best perfect the gingham trend. Work your dressy check shirt look with clean-cut lines, eye-catching prints and graphic tee shirts. Your wardrobe requires a dose of fashion as per the latest runaway trends, and check shirts are the fashion-forward style your OOTD needs.

Ruled by bold checks, short-sleeved shirts which were once solely reserved for Friday events are a staple worn by all corporates and creative artists. Whether you weave the trend in to your casual wardrobe or wear with denim shorts and chinos for travel trips and beach vacations, this trend is not going anywhere. Go for slim fits that can stay tucked in with formal trousers or adopt street style cool by teaming up with ripped denims with check shirts and leather jackets.

There are several ways to spice up your basic office wardrobe and wear all your clothes in new ways. Be it a meeting with the boss or an office lunch, you can definitely make an impression by wearing the latest fashion.

Bold, effortlessly stylish and fun, statement T-shirts paired with check trousers add a head-turning wow factor to your overall look. Short sleeve check shirts are also a must-have for college students, and can be paired with dark washed denims, espadrilles and a cool backpack, and you’re ready.

Wear checks in tailored fits and in the right way to cause a stir, in the corporate world. A trendy pick for a casual outing with friends or date nights with your girlfriend, check shirts are a must-buy! Flaunt a street-smart look with Batman or superhero tees, layered underneath check shirts in basic black and red hues and a pair of denims for a new twist. Ideal for beach days and relaxed occasions, check shirts allow you to sit back and unwind at any lazy pool party in absolute style. You can team them with your favorite pair of flashy sneakers for a standout look. Team up check shirts with rugged corduroys for a look that’s sure to impress.

Casual Summer Dresses for Women

Understand the term “casual”

It is vital that you understand the exact meaning of the term casual when you buy casual dresses. While it means that you are not supposed to be too dressy, you should also not step out in just anything in the name of “casual”. The overall idea is to look polished and not formal.

Dress according to occasion

Though casual implies “not dressy”, it is still imperative that you need to choose according to the occasion. For instance, if you are going out on a picnic, you can easily carry the look with denim casual dresses for ladies but the same will not work for a lunch date.

Focus on fits

Whether it is cocktail dresses, professional outfits or summer casual dresses for women, the primary focus should be on fits. a dress that cuts and skims at the right places and accentuates all your assets should be picked for the most amazing looks.

Team with the right footwear

Casual footwear includes all types of footwear which are chic and comfortable. You can wear flat sandals, wedges or ever casual shoes but make sure that no compromise is made on the elegance front.

Accessorize the dress

Though casual look is all about going minimalist, you can use the right accessories to capture an elegant look with your dress and take it a notch higher. For instance, sexy black casual dresses can be matched with colored accessories to add a pop of color to the ensemble. Besides jewelry, you can experiment with bags, belts and scarves to add a new dimension to the chic casual. Work on your overall look with makeup and hair styling being kept on the simpler side.

Plus Size Swimwear

A piece of clothing has the power of making anyone feel like heaven if it is comfortable as well as stylish at the same time. Almost everybody faces this crisis between selecting the kind of clothing that fits well and the other that looks amazing. There rarely comes a situation or a chance where both of these luxuries are met at the same time and at the same place. Getting a nice dress or an attractive top is still easy but one of the major challenges that almost every plus size woman faces is selection of perfectly fitting lingerie. Every other woman can be seen complaining about lingerie that does not fit well at all or unavailability of sizes. The only solution to this one problem is to look for a store that guarantees a perfect fitting and promises quality as well as great level of comfort.

Just because you are plus size does not mean you have to give up on style. If you search online you would come across multiple brands and stores that fulfill your needs and desires. Discounted plus size lingerie are readily available on every other online store but it is really important to look for the one that understands your style requirements and fulfills your fitting criteria. Once you find that one and only perfect store you do not even have to look for other better options because you would know that all your requirements would be met by that one store. It is even better from the trust perspective as you can always rely on that one store even when you are not sure what may look good and fit well. Moreover, when you see a store working to the best of its ability, you know you can trust it in the longer run.

After you have found that one trust-worthy store, you know you can depend on it for more than just one purpose. If you are looking for something to wear at the beach or a pool party where you could flaunt your curves, then look for the best quality plus size swimwear in USA which offer multiple styles. Choose something which nobody may have worn before and be the trend setter. The best part about buying a plus size swimwear or lingerie is that not only your expectations in terms of fitting are met but you get an additional touch of care and comfort in whatever you choose to wear.

Now you do not even have to wait for an occasion or any event to come up because your chosen store will give you excuses and more excuses to get discounted lingerie and swimwear so you never get tired of pampering yourself.

The Cotton Sweatshirt

The focus on comfort wear and the advent of the millennials into the workplace have meant that street clothing is finding its way into the office. Whether it is a multinational firm or the next door department store, more and more businesses are now favoring comfort wear for their employees. This rise of these clothes from the gym and dorms to the corner office and boardroom can be gauged from the launch of new styles in street wear by the top fashion brands around the world.

In some ways, the foray of the top players into this field has been more of a blessing than anything else. Their presence, for instance, has revolutionized the styling and designs in these otherwise formless street wear. Anybody who does not have an idea of how much street wear has changed in terms of styling only needs to look up a 80s or 90s music video and compare it with what they see out of their windows, let aside turning to the latest chartbuster video. The change will be quite apparent, and in some ways shocking.

One way to understand is trend is to look at a piece of clothing that everyone has worn at some time or the other in their lives – the cotton sweatshirt. The cotton sweatshirt has been around for quite some time and many people will remember their favorite sweatshirt, whether they wore it in school, college or at home. Though not many wore it to work or to meetings, that seems to have changed now. Many people are finding it easier to wear it to work as companies focus less on attire and more on work quality. Also, a global cross-cultural workforce has meant that ideas of what is proper business wear is undergoing a change as people across cultures opt for their favorite sweatshirt to work.

Among the many reasons, cotton sweatshirts have become popular, two stand out. The first is the rise of iconic leaders in the most happening industry – IT, who preferred to wear their favorite cotton sweatshirt to work. These leaders gave product launch presentations and investor presentations, and appeared on prime time shows and in public wearing their jeans and sweatshirts. Leading exceptional companies that defied the norm and redefined how business can be done, they were much cooler than the suit wearing bankers and business leaders who lost millions and lead the world to a recession. No wonder, youngsters started emulating these outliers and chose to remodel their entire wardrobe depending on what these people wore.

The second is the more regular use of the cotton sweatshirt by popular cultural icons such as pop stars, rappers, film stars, and celebrities. They seem to wear them everywhere and in some cases, even to award shows. Such patronage only served to make the humble sweatshirt more popular.

This trend is likely to continue as people eschew the vanity of stylized clothing for everyday wear and focus on clothes that are comfortable and much happier than a stiff buttoned up shirt and suit.